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Keep Your Startup Going After Pitch Failure

Startup pitching isn’t for the faint of heart!

I had a startup pitch meltdown in June of this year. I had to figure out how to keep your startup after pitch failure. From losing multiple startup competitions, to having some financial difficulties, the month of June wasn’t the best for me because of those events. It was a major blow, since for the first six months of the year, everything looked like it was going great! Miami Dade College invited my startup to their Startup Challenge and I had been to California for Toyota’s competition back in January. There was nothing that could stop the momentum, at least I thought!

WeWork Creator Awards

Luckily for me, failure really brings many opportunities. For instance, the WeWork Creator Award competition gave me access to their co-working space for a year. Even though, I got nowhere near the top 3 startups to pitch in Austin, Texas. In addition to that, I was able to gain some advisors to provide guidance from another competition.

I also had another lesson, that is pretty common with entrepreneurs when building a startup. Take care of your home team, first! That means, if you are single and depend on your small group of friends for support, take them out for a drink in between building. If you’re in a relationship or married be sure to give out flowers or cards. In the end, these will be the people who have your back if the startup fails. This wasn’t my mindset during the past few months and failure was my wakeup call!

The startup Shngli is back up in running after the poor pitches, like it never left.

Takeaway, life brings many challenges but you can find the strength to proceed.

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