We at Shngli believe in the growth of accountants and small businesses nationwide. We help accountants accomplish this by opening the channels of communication to build their companies in partnerships with business owners.

Our app will solve this by matching accountants and business owners.

This service is for business owners who want to:

  • Free up time doing accounting tasks

  • Do not know any tax strategies

  • gain direction with their business finances

  • Partner with competent advisors

What you will gain from using our service?


  1. Cash Management
  2. Financial Decisions
  3. Reducing Risk
  4. Compliance
  5. Accurate Financial Data

Tax Preparation

  1. Ease U.S. Tax law burdens
  2. Reduce user errors
  3. Professional tax advice
  4. Minimize Audit Inquiries
  5. Maximize Tax Strategies

Business Advisors

  1. Business Counseling
  2. Access to Resources
  3. Management Strategies
  4. Business Coaching
  5. Growth Strategies

I was able to find an accountant who understood that we are a growing brand and need help with bookkeeping and tax preparation.

Let’s show you how we work with entrepreneurs like you!

An overview of our process

1. Fill out Accountant Needed Form

Here we can get an idea of the type of accountant and services you need done. It will ensure your accountant is knowledgeable of your situation before communicating with you.

2. We negotiate with the accountant on your behalf.

Our team includes former accountants and business owners who can quickly gauge the value and urgency of your projects.

3. Accountant accepts the project(s) from us

We have over 100 accountants who are looking for projects to complete and will find the best price for you.

4. You are contacted when project is complete!

You only pay when the project is complete. This makes us focus on you and your business.

5. You are back to winning in your business!

Our goal is to have successful business throughout the United States working with the best accountants!

About the founder

Jean Fils Founder of Shngli AppMy reasons for starting this company was based on me needing a greataccountant who could show me more than just the best forms to prepare taxes. Now, with this site launched, millions of entrepreneurs can work with the accountant of their choice.

Get your accounting needs completed today!

We are still in the beta stage, these services are offered to you by trained professionals. You only pay for what is done!