My takeaways from a meeting with a Venture Capitalist

Five takeaways from a venture capitalist meeting

Startup founders who build mobile, web soft software as a service at long for one thing to determine their level of success, and this is millions of downloads.

Pause for a moment, most founders will never get close to that number of downloads. Furthermore, there are a number of reasons why most founders won’t get to this number but I digress. The focus for me as a entrepreneur in tech has been more on validating my idea. My startup does not yet have a web application. However, what I have done is slowly increase the presence of my startup locally here in Miami Florida.

Thankfully, myself and hundreds of other founders have resources here in Miami that give us an opportunity to expand our knowledge on growth for startups. At the moment, being a one man show means I have partners who support each project that needs to be completed. These partners include organizations such as black tech week. Black tank week to me is a collection of some of the best influencers in the technology, media and education sphere, enjoying events for a week. Their organization has a venture capitalist in residence program that I applied to and was subsequently admitted, thankfully.

I met with McKeever Conwell (learn more), program manager for a Pre seed fund. He explained how I could growth hack my startup.There were a few takeaways that I have in the video below that you can watch for yourself.

My hopes moving forward are to delve deeper into what accountants need to reach the clients that will help them grow their practices. In addition to that, accounting is a sleeper in the ever evolving new market.. To learn more about what we are doing, follow us or subscribe to our newsletters.

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