Watch Cryptocurrency content survey

Survey: How would you watch cryptocurrency content?

We are working on content about cryptocurrency and tax

How would you watch cryptocurrency content? Take this survey about watching content about Cryptocurrency and tax

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic right now. There are tons of documentaries about it and you can google it for yourself. You should take a weekend off and get caught up, it is that serious.

Watch cryptocurrency content

What are you here for?

We here at Shngli plan to produce content about cryptocurrency and would like to get some feedback on the user interface design. Most noteworthy is our goal is to take niche industries and make them easy to digest for business owners with excess cash that they want to invest. What we have found is that accounting content can be rather stale no matter what level of business, therefore we want to spark a change in the way accounting related information is consumed.

Here is the current sequence of the cryptocurrency content mobile app

Our interface inspiration came from Netflix. What we hope to do is emphasize video titles for prompt clicking. As a result of being immersed in the topic; we will have accountant ads pop up after a user has watched the content.

First of all, To simplify things with the wireframe we skipped the steps regarding downloading the application and creating a user profile.

Watch cryptocurrency content

Here, a user would arrive at this landing page would see similar titles but select the one of interest to their needs.

Watch cryptocurrency content

Consequently, once you would click the tile you will find out if it 100% peaks your interest.

Watch cryptocurrency content

While watching the series, short film or documentary a user can skip through, rewind or pause at their leisure. Therefore, you will have complete control of the content you watch.

Finally, give us honest feedback on the wireframe. Next time, we will have the prototype for you but in the survey indicate your interest in alerts.

Please rate if you like how the content is presented by going to this link: Here

Watch cryptocurrency content